WTF is a BCC? 

Like a "networking" event without the "working," BCC is a regular gathering of fun, likeminded people to chat and hang out over a drink (or 10, depending on the night). Guests are invited on blind carbon copy; they just get the time, the place and the promise of good people.

Want to get on the list? Contact us. No BCC in your city? Start one!

The Origin Story

In November 2009, we invited a group of friends work in media and tech to post-work drinks at our favorite bar in New York City. The email chain quickly got out of control. (So did the evening, which ended with an epic karaoke session.)

It was such a fun time that we thought it should happen more often, just without the reply-alls.

So, in 2010,  we started “BCC” and have been hosting them on a semi-regular basis ever since. Attendees have exported them to other cities around the world — from London to Portland. 

- Alli Mooney, Katie Welch and Kristin Maverick